Call for Submissions: Community Mural at Melrose Plaza

Location: 2502 Melrose Avenue NW, Roanoke, Virginia

Submission Deadline: June 28, 2024

Projected Award Date: August 2024

Mural Completion Date: Begin no earlier than September 3, 2024, and complete no later than October 31, 2024

Calling all artists and visionaries! Melrose Plaza is excited to announce a call for submissions for a vibrant community mural that celebrates our diverse and thriving hub. Located at the heart of our community, Melrose Plaza will be a cornerstone offering affordable food, essential family health services, educational advancement, career opportunities, financial services, and an array of other vital resources.

We invite artists of all backgrounds and styles to submit proposals for a mural that captures the essence of Melrose Plaza as a welcoming space where individuals and families can access essential services and opportunities to thrive. The selected mural will reflect the spirit of unity, diversity, and empowerment that defines our community.

About Melrose Plaza:

One of the inspirational symbols for the Melrose Plaza logo is the Sankofa bird, derived from an African proverb that translates to “It is not wrong to go back for that which you have forgotten.” This is the foundational principle of Melrose Plaza as it seeks to restore greatness in Northwest Roanoke.

A transformational community center, Melrose Plaza will lift up the Northwest Roanoke area and create access to resources where they currently do not exist. Roanoke was once home to the Valley’s Black Wall Street. Now, Melrose Plaza honors this legacy by restoring vital, life-enhancing services to the Northwest area—an area that was decimated by urban renewal. Among its many goals, Melrose Plaza will help restore cultural richness to the community.

The pillars at Melrose Plaza include:

  • Market on Melrose – the first full-service grocery store in Roanoke in decades,
  • Bank of Botetourt – a banking branch to bring financial wellness and empowerment,
  • Wellness on Melrose – a wellness center that will offer convenient access to healthcare services, and
  • The Excel Center® – an adult high school that allows students to earn a high school diploma.

In addition to these services, Melrose Plaza will be home to celebrations and exhibits that explore the history and culture of the local area.

Mural Concept:

We envision a mural that will recognize the services offered at Melrose Plaza while paying tribute to the rich, diverse history of Northwest Roanoke.

The selected mural will:

  • Reflect on the history of Northwest Roanoke,
  • Celebrate the rich community culture,
  • Inspire viewers to visit Melrose Plaza, and
  • Highlight the role that Melrose Plaza will play in restoring greatness in the area.


The mural wraps around two sides of the Melrose Plaza building, one side facing 24th Street and the building front on Melrose Avenue. While currently blocked due to construction, artists can schedule a time to view the mural locations by contacting the project coordinator.

Melrose Avenue – This side of the building faces Melrose Avenue and includes three distinct yet connected areas. From left to right, the fencing is approximately 6’ tall x 13’ wide. The area to the left of the store entrance is approximately 8’ tall x 20’ wide and the area to the right of the store entrance is approximately 8’ tall x 30’ wide. The total mural space is approximately 478 sq. ft.

24th Street – This side of the building faces 24th Street NW. It is approximately 16’ tall x 80’ wide for a total of approximately 1,280 sq. ft.

Artist Responsibilities:

  • The selected artist(s) will furnish all equipment, materials, goods, labor and services necessary to design, fabricate and install public art.
  • The selected artist(s) is responsible for any liability insurance deemed necessary for this project. Melrose Plaza is not liable under any circumstances.
  • Work will be completed no later than October 31, 2024.
  • Artwork must use durable materials suitable for outside elements and change in temperature.
  • Artwork should require little or no maintenance and should include anti-graffiti measures.

Melrose Plaza Responsibilities:

  • Melrose Plaza will arrange access to the site(s) as needed for timely completion of the work.
  • Melrose Plaza will provide, where possible, equipment needs such as ladders, safety cones and vests.
  • Melrose Plaza will power wash areas of the wall, as necessary, before the installation of artwork.
  • Melrose Plaza will handle marketing and public relations associated with the project, including a dedication or celebration at the conclusion of the project.
  • Melrose Plaza will help facilitate additional community participation if desired.

Timeline (subject to change):

  • Responses due by June 28, 2024.
  • Artist notified in August 2024.
  • Work begins no earlier than September 3, 2024.
  • Work must be completed no later than October 31, 2024.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions must include all elements of the submission guidelines to be considered.

  • Statement of interest describing the artist’s vision for the project.
  • Sketch and/or concept description for the proposed mural design.
  • Resume of each artist participating in the proposal, not to exceed two pages per artist.
  • Photos (or links) to mural work previously completed by each artist.
  • Liability insurance declarations page, including the name of the insurance company, insurance agent’s name, and insurance agent contact information (must include a phone number).
  • Contact information for at least two professional references for whom the artist has done design work in the last 5 years.
  • Project budget to include: artist design and project management fee and fabrication and installation costs, including scissors or boom lift and any additional wall preparation costs. The total project budget shall not exceed $20,000.
  • Melrose Plaza may request additional information, clarification or presentations from any artists submitting for the project.
  • Submissions must be received by June 28, 2024, to be considered.
  • All submissions remain the property of the artist(s) until the project is awarded to the artist(s), who then agrees to share rights to the images or marketing and education purposes with Goodwill Industries of the Valleys and its partners.
  • While not required, artists from the region and/or those who can demonstrate ties to the local community are preferred.
  • Artists groups, collaborative submissions, and singular creators are all welcomed.
  • Submissions must be made online at

Selection Process: Support for the selection process will be provided by the Roanoke Arts Commission, who will coordinate a selection panel.  The panel will select up to three finalists who may be asked to present their ideas or provide more detailed executions. Upon notification of finalists, project communications will shift to Goodwill Industries of the Valleys.

The final artwork will be selected by Goodwill Industries of the Valleys, considering input from the panel. The organization reserves the right to award the projects separately or in combination to one or more artist(s) as deemed appropriate.  Goodwill Industries of the Valleys reserves the right not to complete the project. (Note: If more detailed concept executions are requested, each submitting artist or artists team will receive a $1,000 honorarium.)

Let your creativity soar and be a part of this exciting initiative to celebrate Melrose Plaza as a vibrant center of opportunity and empowerment for all!

For guidelines, frequently asked questions, and the application form, please visit:

For specific questions about the application process, contact or 540-853-5652. 

For questions about Melrose Plaza, additional site details, or to arrange to visit the site, please contact or 540-915-8240.

To submit a proposal for the Community Mural at Melrose Plaza, please visit:

Current wall photos (wall repair/construction will be complete prior to start of mural)